Mad Tea Party

Alice and the Mad Hatter

We are all familiar with the classic Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.  Disney has put it’s magical “spin” on the tea cups and it’s found on the Mad Tea Party attraction in Fantasyland.  This Disney classic is not to be missed!  Everyone in your family can enjoy this ride, and giggles are sure to ensue!  In fact, when your kids are strong enough to spin you in the tea cup until you can’t take it anymore, it adds more to the fun!

  • There is no height requirement for this ride, so anyone an enjoy it!
  • There is nothing scary about the Mad Tea Party, and you can control how fast your tea cup spins.  That makes it easy to ride with little ones, or adults who don’t enjoy spinning motions.
  • The loading area is shaded, but the line can be fairly long.  It’s best to enjoy this attraction early in the morning, during EMH, or during a parade.
  • Look for the Dormouse who pops up in the tea pot located in the center of the ride area.
  • Even though you can control the spinning of your tea cup, the main platform also spins.  Anyone who is prone to motion sickness may not want to experience the Mad Tea Party.
  • The ride lasts for about 1.5 minutes, and there are 18 tea cups.

Quick Tip:  Each tea cup holds three average side people comfortably. If you have a little one, keep in mind there are no restraints, so make sure you seat them on your lap or between two people.

Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.



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