Hall of Presidents


Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is located in Liberty Square.  It’s fitting that Disney has an attraction like this, as Disney is practically an American icon in and of itself!  It’s modeled after the Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  You enter a 700 seat theater  and from there the show starts.  Famous scenes from American history, and the narration by the animatronic presidents make this attraction great for the whole family.

  • The auditorium is air conditioned, making it an easy stop to rest from the heat.  Save this attraction for later in the day, when it’s hot!  
  • The show lasts about 20-25 minutes.  Shows start every half hour.
  • If you are waiting for a FastPass time to come up, this is a good place to enjoy an attraction while waiting for that.
  • This attraction is wheelchair accessible.

Quick Tip:  If you are looking for a great spot to view a parade, you can find it outside the Hall of Presidents.  Then, when the parade is over, head straight to Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain for  little to no wait.

Overall, we give this attraction a “B+”.

9 thoughts on “Hall of Presidents

  1. makes you fall asleep in your seat. Boring ride. Not thrilling at all. Have fun at Disney World and don’t watch this snore bore show! Never again!

  2. I really love this show, in fact my 19 month actually sat quietly for most of it and the rest of the time he played at my feet w his toy car. It was relaxing, air conditioned, and a good learning opportunity for my then 8 yr old. (One way I justify pulling her out of school for a trip)

  3. Really enjoyed this when I visited. I didn’t see one of these boards for Disneyland…is there one, or how about starting one?

  4. Great place to take the kids to cool off and enjoy a great show! My kids really liked it!

  5. I remember this one from my chilldhood loved it! We have yet to take our three and one-year-olds on it, but will when they are older.

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