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American Idol Experience

Have you ever wished for a chance to sing on American Idol? Here’s your chance!  Located in the Echol Lake Area, this attraction is completely modeled after the real thing with the whole road to Hollywood coming for the chosen few.  Audience members are chosen, prepped, perform, and the votes are tallied! At the end of the if you are chosen winner you will receive a “Dream Ticket” which may just translate into a ticket to a real American Idol audition! 

  • If you wish to audition plan on arriving EARLY! If you make it past the first a cappella audition in which you will sing in front of a DHS rep, you will make it to a second audition in which you will sing a song of your choice picked from a Disney provided list. This time you will sing along with music in front of a DHS rep.
  • If you make it past this audition you will then get your chance to sing for a live studio audience who will vote for their favorite singer! The best singers from each of the shows throughout the day will perform at a finale show to try to win the Dream Ticket! There are a lot of rules and this is a time consuming process so plan accordingly!
  •  Look for more info on the Disney website for performers and check your times guide to participate in the audience!

Quick Tip:  This is a real life performance opportunity.  Keep in mind that there may be times when the attraction is closed due to auditions or tapings.  

Overall, we give the American Idol Experience a “B”.




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