The American Adventure

The American Adventure

The American Adventure show is just under a half hour long and celebrates all of the most triumphant parts of American history.  The show itself uses animatronics as narrators to tell the story of famous chapters in United States history.  Each new part of the show shares the essence of the American spirit and helps inspire nationalism in anyone who takes the time to visit this awe-inspiring show.  Recently updated and well-loved, the American Adventure is one of the best attraction in the World Showcase!

  •  Like many World Showcase shows the usual wait here is minimal.
  •  Like so many other shows in WS, there is plenty to do in the America pavilion to pass the ten or so minutes it may take you to see the next show.
  • You’ll see famous Americans-Mark Twain, Susan B. Anthony, JFK, Will Rogers, and many others tell their stories.
  • Any history buff, or people who want to learn a little more will enjoy the American Adventure.  

As an added bonus, you will often find the Voices of Liberty-an a cappella  group performing outside the American Adventure.  Seating is a conventional theater style, and guests in wheelchairs should check in with a Cast Member to be directed to the elevator.  If you’re visiting during the Christmas holiday, you’ll find a life sized gingerbread house here at the American Adventure.

Quick Tip:  America is the “host nation” to the other countries in EPCOT.  It’s pavilion is built slightly more elevated than the others.  

Overall, we give the American Adventure an “A”.





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  1. I really interesting look at history in a way only Disney could pull off. Make sure to see Voices of Liberty outside before or after the show!

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