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Spaceship Earth


As you enter the gates at EPCOT, Spaceship Earth looms before you.  You can’t miss it-it’s the icon that EPCOT is associated with.  But inside this iconic structure is an attraction that leads you through the dawn of recorded time up to present day.  And yes, you do actually travel almost to the top of Spaceship Earth.  This slow moving, classic, “must do” is great for everyone in your travel party.  We don’t recommend hitting it first thing, but you’ll for sure want to visit it.

  • The ride on Spaceship Earth lasts about 16 minutes, and each vehicle holds two people.  As you are climbing Spaceship Earth in your vehicle, smile!  Your picture is being taken for use later in the ride.  .
  • There is no height requirement for Spaceship Earth, and guests in wheelchairs or ECVs must transfer.
  • The line moves steadily, and the vehicles are continuously loading.  The wait time on Spaceship Earth is often doable, so it does not utilize FastPass.
  • Parts of Spaceship Earth can be dark, and make sure your children are seated the entire time.
  • Animatronics, dioramas, and narration by Ray Bradbury make this attraction entertaining and educational.
  • Don’t forget to pose for a picture outside of Spaceship Earth!

Spaceship Earth is the quintessential Epcot ride.  It encompasses everything that the Experimental Protocol Community Of Tomorrow was created to represented.  This ride takes guests on a journey through the evolution of technology from the time of Hunters & Gatherers straight through today!  The fun doesn’t end with the ride, as you come back down to unload you get to view a personalized video about your future and if you hang out after you exit you may just see yourself mapped out!.

Quick Tip:  Visit Spaceship Earth during the warm parts of the day, or when you need a rest.  You’ll have 15 minutes of rest in the air conditioning to recharge!  Daisy, Stitch, and other characters have been known to hang out around Spaceship Earth for meet and greets.  

Overall, we give Spaceship Earth an “A’.

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