O’ Canada

O' Canada

The Canada pavilion offers a  Circle-Vision 360 film, like the China pavilion does.  In O Canada!, you are literally surrounded by the film as you join Martin Short, your guide, on a tour of the vast nation of Canada.  Visit the majesty of the plains, rivers, and mountains of Canada as well as all of the other landscapes this multi-climate country has- you are sure to be left in awe and wonder! Nearby be sure to take some time to walk around the Hotel du Canada, the Epcot Rocky Mountain, the gardens, and even shops!

  • Like all of the films in World Showcase, it is a matter of simply being there when the show is letting in and you should have no trouble finding a seat.  The wait times are minimal at shows like this.  But they provide good rest, and a little bit of cultural fun!
  • There is no seating in the theater, so guests in ECVs or wheelchairs may remain in them for the duration of the show.
  • O’ Canada lasts about 14 minutes.
  • If you visit during the winter months, you might notice that Walt Disney World landscapers plant all white flowers in Canada to simulate snow during a Canadian winter.

After you have enjoyed the show, take a walk through the Victoria Gardens, enjoy the waterfalls, and other cultural experiences Canada has to offer.  You’ll feel as if you have been transported to Canada-our neighbor to the north-for a short amount of time.

Quick Tip:  While visiting O’ Canada, be on the watch for a Kidcot Fun Stop.  Here your child can get his or her passport signed, and stamped with a real Canadian!  



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