Mission: Space

Mission: Space

Mission: Space takes park visitors on an adventure fit for an astronaut! This is the most technologically advanced attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.  The stage is set as you enter the pre show area to be prepared for your mission.  After you have been prepped for take off, you can choose one of two missions-depending on your tolerance for motion.  Buckle up in your rocket, and you are ready for blast off!

  • There are two versions of this attraction: “Green Team” is the less intense version and “Orange Team” is the full intensity experience (during the Lunar roll sequence you will hit up to 2.5Gs of force!). If you have any hesitations about riding the orange version try the green version first!
  • You will embark on a mission with 3 other riders and each will be given a role and job to do.
  •   If you opt for Green team or Single Rider you can walk right on most times of day.  Although this is a fast pass attraction they rarely sell out as it is a challenge for those with motion sickness or claustrophobia.
  • The Orange Team experience uses a centrifuge for the spinning motion, while the Green Team does not.  Choose Green Team if it is your first time riding, or if you are prone to motion sickness.
  • The height requirement for Mission:  Space is 44 inches.  You should be in excellent health to board the rocket!

Although this ride is prone to causing motion sickness, many guests enjoy it.  It’s a “must do”, but many only do it one time.  This is a realistic, and intense, simulation of a space flight.  It must be realistic…because there are air sickness bags placed strategically in the rocket ship!  If you are  a thrill seeker, who doesn’t mind intense action, this ride is for you!

Quick Tip:  You can enter the pre show area of Mission:  Space without committing to riding.  After the pre show, ask the Cast Member to show you the exit.  Then, you can enjoy the post show activities-a space themed play area for young children, a race of the rockets, and even sending a video of yourself to a family member!  

Ovearll, we give Mission:  Space an “A”.


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