One of the few rides in Epcot’s World Showcase, Maelstrom is located in the Norway pavilion. When you board Maelstrom, you are joining a Viking boat cruise filled with some of the most adventurous parts of Norse mythology.  Your boat does make its way through the Fjords, plummet through a maelstrom, and almost fall over a few plunges so it may be questionable for some kids (consider it a bit of a dark boat ride).  If you make it through the voyage you will have the opportunity to watch a short film about the history of Norway if you wish on your way out.  Good luck on your journey!

  • Luckily, it rarely runs out of Fastpasses and often has wait times at under a half hour as well!  During the busiest times of the day in World Showcase you will see a spike in wait times so utilize the Fast Pass when needed- after all there are very few rides in this side of the park anyhow!
  • There are several short periods of darkness, so keep in mind young children may need to be comforted.
  • Expectant mothers, and guests who are not in the best of health may want to opt out of riding Maelstrom.
  • The Viking board ride lasts about 6 minutes, and there is no height requirement.

The Maelstrom does use a 28 foot drop, which might surprise guests if you aren’t prepared for it.  If you pass through Norway, just about the time EPCOT’s World Showcase opens, you may be able to interact with some Norwegians!  Visit the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe for some authentic Norwegian treats, and a quick snack!

Quick Tip: If you’re looking for Hidden Mickeys, you’ll find one on the Malestrom!  When you are in the loading area, look for the Viking-ear wearing Mickey on the mural.  

Overall, we give Maelstrom a “B”.






2 thoughts on “Maelstrom

  1. My 2nd favorite ride in all of Epcot! Watch out Pirates the Vikings are coming.. POC has nothing on Maelstrom in my opinion. A little more exhilarating than POC with a little extra something before the ride comes to an end. (Hehe, you’ll have to ride it for yourself to find out what I mean)..

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