Captain EO

Michael Jackson stars as Captain EO in this classic adventure, located in Future World, Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT.   This attraction officially reopened on July, 2, 2010 after a 16 year break.  Think of this as an early version of the 4D technology you can find on rides like MuppetVision and  Philharmagic.  You will be taken into a Sci-Fi musical 3D adventure with a retro Michael Jackson.  It originally premiered in 1986 so the special effects are dated as is the 3D technology.  Don’t let that scare you off this is a classic and you will find yourself laughing and singing along on your way out of the theater! This George Lucas produced spectacular is worth seeing at least once!

  • If you are heading over to catch Figment on Journey Into Imagination you should be able to time it so you can catch Captain EO with out much of a wait either before or after you go in as its a continuous 17 minute show daily.
  • While not a “must do” attraction, it’s good if you want to wait out a FastPass for Soarin’ or need to escape the heat.
  • You are provided with 3D glasses to enjoy the show.  If you prefer to not view it in 3D, there are monitors to the side that you can watch.
  • Keep your young children in your lap if you want to shield them from special effects that take place in the seats.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan, or enjoy 3D simulated attractions, this is for you.  Your whole travel party will enjoy Captain EO.  It’s colorful, great classic Michael Jackson music, and a way to escape the heat.

 Quick Tip:   Keep in mind this might frighten young children-particularly the special effects that are used.  

Overall, we give Captain EO a “B”.




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