Located in DinoLand, U.S.A.,  Dinosaur sends you on a prehistoric mission!  Your mission is to find an extinct Iquanadon as you are sent back 65 million years in your Time Rover. You will see favorites like Bill Nye and Phylicia Rashad in the pre-show and this three minute ride will feel like a jeep ride through a jungle! The roaring dinosaurs, crashes of time travel, and dark segments may make this scary to younger Mouseketeers!

  •  There is Fast Pass available here but if you ride when you first enter or right before you leave for the night wait times usually are under 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on the wait times throughout the day if you are trying to utilize FP elsewhere.
  • The height requirement is 40 inches.  If you are in a wheelchair, you must transfer to enjoy Dinosaur.
  • Each ATV holds 12 passengers.  The ride is turbulent, but there are no drops.
  • The ride lasts less than 3 minutes-but it’s an intense 3 minutes!

If you or your children are scared of dark, loud noises, or intense situations-you may want to avoid Dinosaur.  Even though young children are fascinated with dinosaurs, that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy Dinosaur in all its intensity.  However, thrill seekers galore will enjoy this one!

Quick Tip:  If you are utilizing Rider Switch, the area for this is NOT at the entrance to the ride.  It is near the exit area.  

Overall, we give Dinosaur a “B”.





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