The Boneyard


This Animal Kingdom play area is located in Dinoland, USA.  As you cross the bridge into Dinoland, the park entrance is to your left.   The Boneyard is a dinosaur themed play area; ideal for toddlers to young, school age children.  The Boneyard features the following:

  • Rope net maze with bridges, covered slides and steps.
  • Tunnels with slides
  • Replica jeep to explore and “drive”
  • Cushioned “ground” to explore crates, fossils and dinosaur facts
  • A dig site with non-stick sand, where kids can unearth Dinosaur bones with brushes and shovels.

Animal Kingdom can be tough on smaller kids who are not used to a lot of walking and the “zoo” type atmosphere.  This is a great place to make let them blow off some steam and have a little fun.  The Boneyard is expansive and difficult to keep an eye on your kids.  Not to worry, the entrance is monitored although you are responsible for your children.  The main play area is open to the sun and can get quite hot.  The dig site is covered with seating, so an ideal place on a warm day for parents to relax as well.

There are no age or height restrictions, although the play area is suited to young children.  The Boneyard is handicapped accessible, but those in wheelchairs will not be able to take advantage of the rope netting and slides.

Quick Tip:  Make sure you and your kids walk on the fossil footprints and keep your ears open.  Don’t be afraid to open crates for fun surprises!

Overall we give this attraction an “A-“.

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