Drink around the Epcot World Showcase


Many of us Walt Disney World foodies turn to Epcot’s World Showcase as the place to enjoy tasty adult beverages and noshes. Indeed, Epcot has become the focus of something of a cult activity called “Drink Around the World.” With DATW, Epcot guests (21 years and older, with valid I.D.) enjoy one drink at each Epcot World Showcase pavilion.

Inspired by the DATW tour, Chip & Co. has created our own version. And you’re invited to go a little nuts with Chip & Co.’s Drink Around the World Showcase (DAWS).

“Drink Around the World Showcase” – Keeping Score

Our DAWS experience features both food and drink at each of the 11 countries of World Showcase. You can mix and match as necessary, earning one point at each pavilion for a drink and one point for a snack or food item, or three points for both.

For DAWS, then, there are 33 possible points, plus the opportunity to enjoy a drink or snack at the Africa Coolpost as a substitute or for bonus points.

  • Roasted and Toasted: 29 points and above
  • Gone Totally Nuts: 25 – 28
  • Chock full-o-nuts: 21 – 24
  • Certifiably nuts: 17 – 20
  • More than a little nuts: 13 – 16
  • Mildly nutty: 9 – 12

Although keeping track of your points is entirely optional for this DAWS Epcot challenge, it is a good measure of how well your brain cells are functioning. And we suggest keeping score, and a record for the day, for bragging rights. An easy option is buying one of the Epcot passports, then recording your dine and drink selections in it. Or having Cast Members check your driver’s license and check your passport, stamping the latter.

Chip & Co. Recommendations for DAWS

Strategies and Tips for a Fun, Safe “Drink Around the World Showcase” Day

  • Plan on a full day to undertake DAWS. Start when the first two countries open, Mexico and Canada, at 10 a.m. This is not a sprint, it’s more of an endurance event.
  • Drink plenty of water along the way – at least 8 oz. every two or three pavilions, more if it’s a hot and sunny day. On a related note, make sure you know where the restrooms are located.
  • Thinking about drinking on an empty stomach? Your stomach may empty itself after a while. Take the time to enjoy a leisurely meal or several snacks, even if you choose not to eat at each pavilion.
  • Make this about a day exploring the World Showcase, not just moving from drink to drink. Take the time to enjoy the entertainment at the pavilions, play the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, see the movies and ride rides, window shop. And take plenty of photos – we’d love to see them.
  • It’s going to sound like heresy to some die-hard DAWS fans, but it’s okay to tailor the experience. You may take more than one day to complete all 11 countries. Or you may substitute non-alcoholic drinks at any World Showcase pavilion, although preferably those that represent that country’s specialty. Shhh, we won’t tell. And more seriously, DAWS is an experience meant for your enjoyment – not simply checking off items on a list. Do what works best for you.
  • Most important tip: If you’re going to drink, don’t drive back to your resort. Stay at a nearby Epcot resort, take Disney’s transportation, or use a designated driver.

 Special Thanks to our writer Sarah from Gluten Free and Dairy Free at WDW for sharing this series with us. I know it’s hard work drinking around the World Showcase. 

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