Pixar Bangles From Alex and Ani Take Style To Infinity And Beyond

Alex and Ani has a new collection of Pixar Bangles featuring some of our favorite pals! What is really fun, is that there are actually 5 that are actually pairs. Plus the iconic Luxo Ball also makes an appearance on its very own bangle.

You’ll find six different Pixar selections available. There is a single Luxo Ball bangles, and then Toy Story 4, Monsters University, UP!, Wall-E, and The incredibles pairs. The Luxo ball retails for $49.99, while the sets are available for $79.99.

These also make fabulous gifts, because they each have a bit of their own theme. The Incredibles one features Elastigirl on one bangle, and a round charm that says “Incredible Mom” on the other. I don’t know many Disney moms who wouldn’t love this set!

The Monsters University set, and my personal favorite of the collection features Mike, Sulley, and a Monsters U charms. This pair is perfect for the Monsters loving best friend in your life.

The Wall-E bangles have EVE, and Wall-E soaring through the galaxy. A round charm accompanies them that says “I will follow you to the stars”, all I can say is aawwwwwee!!

Bo Peep joins Woody on this shiny silver bangle, with a coordinating charm that says “Toys at Play”. I love how they are showing this pair back together again! If you look closely at the Toys at Play charm you’ll notice silhouettes of other Toy Story favorites hidden among the letters.


There is also an UP! bangle set that we do not have pictured here. The UP! bracelet is actually the only rose gold colored set in the collection, and features Carl and Ellie in their arm chairs. A charm inspired by the Adventure Book comes with them that has balloons and says “You are my greatest adventure”. This bangle set is so romantic it brings tears to my eyes!

You can find these gorgeous new Pixar Bangles by Alex and Ani throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland where designer jewelry pieces are sold!

Special thank you to the lovely Susan for the fabulous photos!

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