Photo Tour of the Colorful and Fun Pixar Fest Merchandise

Pixar Fest Merchandise

The vibrant new Pixar Fest Merchandise Collection is available now, and it’s full of fun surprises. The collection features a colorful assortment of beloved Pixar Characters, in minimalist stylized designs, and even reversible accessories that embody the best friends theme.

There are shirts, hats, and reversible accessories, and more as part of this brightly colored assortment. There is also a latte mug, and the popular Green Alien Light-up Tumbler. The shops also have lots of Pixar toys on display with the new exclusive merchandise collection.

The reversible and buddy items are really a fun souvenir. Best Friends charms, reversible pouches, and reversible ornaments.

Be sure to follow along with us this weekend while we explore all of the incredible things Pixar Fest 2018 has to offer!

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