Photo Review: Behind The Seeds Tour

We recently had the opportunity to partake in a Behind the Seeds Tour.  If you have an interest in gardening, want to learn about sustainable food sources or just want to turn your brown thumb into a green thumb then this tour is for you.  Here is our photo review of the Behind the Seed Tour.

Our Tour Guide Camille started us on our journey through the Integrated Pest Management Lab and onto the Bio-Technology Lab.  We learned that Disney breeds specific bugs to eat other bugs that damage plants.  We learned that there are, in fact full-time scientists at the Bio-Technology Lab who conduct research in a very sterile space.

We moved on to one of the greenhouse areas.  We learned about hydroponics, a system where water is fed to plants through a tubing system, and were treated by our new friend Les to some fresh cucumber slices.  Les explained that much of the produce harvested here is used in restaurants around the Walt Disney World Resort.  We were intrigued by Les’s name tag and he shared with us that it is made of bamboo and was awarded to him by Disney Imagineers for his innovative ideas.

As we were walking through the greenhouse we noticed a fun piece of artwork, drawn into the sand, acknowledging the Flower and Garden Festival.  This was one of the many nice touches we noticed during our Behind the Seeds Tour.

We moved our way into the Fish Farming area where we saw Shrimp and Tilapia.  We learned that Shrimp, as they grow, shed their outer shell and grow a new one.  Our Tour Guide Camille also gave us some fish food and we were allowed to feed the Tilapia as well.

The final part of our tour was in another greenhouse that focused primarily on spices. Did you know that Vanilla is hand pollinated everywhere around the world except for Mexico City,  Mexico?  We discovered that the top 5 most expensive spices are:

  1. Saffron
  2. Vanilla
  3. Cardamom
  4. Cloves
  5. Cinnamon

As you might expect from any Walt Disney World Tour, be on the lookout for Hidden Mickeys!

See a short video from our Behind the Seeds Tour here:

We really enjoyed this Behind the Seeds Tour.  If you are a fan of the Living with the Land ride, are interested in agriculture, or are just looking for something new and interesting to do while visiting Epcot then the Behind the Seeds Tour is a great option.  These one hour tours begin daily at 10:30am with the last tour typically taking place at 4:30pm.  You can reserve your tour by calling 407-WDW-TOUR or stop by the tour desk just outside of Soarin’.  Ticket prices are $25 for adults and $20 for children.

Are you planning to book a Behind the Seeds tour on your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort?  Please leave your comments in the box below.


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