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    Tina Smith

    The Hall of Presidents is meant for people to see our leaders both past and present. If you go by the standard that only the honest, law abiding, loyal one should speak, none should speak. Here is a list of reasons why:
    1. 7 Presidents had affairs
    2. 18 Presidents owned slaves
    3. 8 Presidents and probably more had potty mouths.
    4. 19 Presidents committed and were prosecuted for crimes.
    5. 11 Liked to drink a little too much.
    6. At least 4 Presidents won despite losing the popular vote.
    7. All of them lie to get elected (my opinion)

    The Hall of Presidents is not meant to be a representation just to hear who you want to hear, but a representation of the history of our Presidents (like them or not). None of them were perfect model citizens, but they are a representation of America. There has been a change in this country that people are tired of what is “politically correct” and I can guarantee that WDW will choose an appropriate way to represent Trump as President in the hall without offending people. Like it or not he is your president. If you don’t want to see him there then you have the option of not going into the attraction.

  2. 11

    Nancy Nickel Wilhelm

    Seriously? You’re so upset that this man is President and one of your first concerns in November was the Hall of Presidents? Go ahead and boycott – or why don’t you organize a march instead? Is that all the liberals can think of – who to boycott or march against. And while you’re at it, why don’t you make some posters and knit some ridiculous hats – that’ll make everyone take you more seriously, I promise. I don’t know if anyone with only “one happy place” can handle this news, but Donald Trump IS the President and like it or not, he’s YOUR President too! He belongs in the Hall of Presidents and if the current president gives a speech now, then that should continue.

  3. 10


    It’s the hall of Presidents, not the hall of Presidents that everyone like… whether you like him or hate him he’s the President and he belongs there. If we limited it only to Presidents everyone likes they could just make a copy of Disneylands Abraham Lincoln and eliminate every other animatronic in there.

  4. 9


    In fact half the population of the U.S. didn’t even vote, how could half the population have voted for him? The numbers just don’t add up and the argument some of you are making don’t add up. The total of people who voted was 128.84 million, of a possible 321.42 million. Of those who did vote, only 45.9% voted for Trump versus 48% who voted for Clinton. In just one week in office DT has been the root cause of two protests. His divisive campaign has turned into a divisive presidency.

    I think a good move on the part of Disney would be to compromise and henceforth have George Washington, the first president who united us against tyranny, be the spokesperson for all the presidents.

  5. 8

    Cheryl D Deveraux

    Then you are being hateful and ridiculous. Enough Americans voted for President Trump for him to win the election. Just because YOU did not vote for him does not change history. And by “alternative facts’, you mean the TRUTH. IF you are that willing to Boycott Disney just to get your way, means you don’t go to Disney very much anyway. I would go to Disneyland and Disney World regardless of who is President.

  6. 7

    Janet Morrow

    Maybe they should just show him tweeting , that would make more sense. He is not very good at speaking,only tweeting.

  7. 6

    Floss Moulton

    Well said Wayne. I won’t miss them

  8. 5

    Floss Moulton

    Ok bye catch you whenever you get smart

  9. 4

    Wayne Nash

    I agree, Darrin. If WDW would cave into these paranoid people that cannot accept that their party didn’t win, that would be the last straw for me. WDW has politically corrected several rides, changing history to please a few people. If they caved into this petition, that would tell millions of people, all over the world, that they have no respect for the office of the United States. I would never spend money on Disney, ever again, if they were that disrespectful. There have been many presidents, over the years, that I didn’t like, but I have always had respected them, and what they represent.

  10. 3

    Wayne Nash

    Please end your timeshare and stop going to WDW. No one waiting in line or waiting for a timeshare opening will miss you. You are free to disagree with the president, but half of the United States DID vote for him. You can believe only 5% is happy about him if you want, but he IS our president, and deserves the respect that the office brings. If you are so afraid that the world will end while he is president, maybe you should try living in another country. It might do you good to see how free that we really are in the U. S.

  11. 2

    Rebecca Shepard

    This was one of my first concerns in November. I know there are some who disagree but this man is an abomination. He is everything we DO NOT WANT. Half the country DID NOT VOTE FOR him. If we polled every person in this country, or in the world, maybe 5% of the entire population is happy about him. Anyone who thinks otherwise is going by the “alternative facts” presented by his people. He is a disgrace to humanity. So I think that it would hurt their business. I would probably end my timeshare and stop visiting my one happy place. I would have no choice but to boycott Disney, entirely. The man never should have taken office. Yes I would sign a petition.

  12. 1

    Darrin McLellan

    I think if WDW allows this to happen their business would suffer. It would be like telling the half of the country that voted for Donald Trump they are not as important as the half that voted for Clinton. It is History now, let the Hall of Presidents record this change as it has done after every change of command.

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