Personalized Sketches at Art of Animation

Personalized Sketches at Art of Animation

Personalized sketches are back at the Ink & Paint Shop at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  When you could still learn to draw with an animator at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the artist gave me his drawing because I answered a trivia question correctly.  I still have it, and it is certainly the best Winnie the Pooh I have from that day.  That being said, it is very cool to have a personalized sketch.  Even better when it is your favorite character.  Right now, you can head over to the Ink & Paint Shop and grab one for yourself, and maybe another as a holiday gift.

The best part about these sketches, besides having your name on them, is that the characters are all festive in their holiday clothes.  Tinkerbell is looking very nice in her red holiday outfit.

Santa Donald is not a bad choice, either.  I think I see Ariel peeking around behind him, as well.  Now you are probably wondering how much one of these is going to set you back.  I am sure you are aware by now that the way I got mine is not going to get you one of these.  Well, we looked that up, too.  Here is the price breakdown.  A sketch with one character is $45.  Two characters is $65.  Three characters is $80, four is $95, five is $110, six is $125, and seven is $140.  Obviously, more characters means more money, but it also means less per character.  The sign says you can see a Cast Member for details, but there wasn’t anything there on whether or not you can have more than seven characters.  I wonder what happens if you want all seven dwarfs and Snow White?  Well, if you get over there and decide to get one, let me know!

What do you think of these personalized sketches?  Let us know in the comments below!

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