Part One of Two Part ‘Bachelor’ Finale Leaves Viewers Stunned and Angry

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What was billed as the “most dramatic ‘Bachelor’ finale of all time” sure lived up to its billing last night leaving many extremely upset with the ending and even how ABC covered it.

The finale picked up with Bachelor, Arie, introducing his two final suitors, Becca and Lauren, to his parents. His parents seemed to like both ladies but thought that Becca would have been the best choice for Arie.

The episode proceeded to show Arie struggling to decide which girl he was going to propose to. Previoulsy, he has told both Lauren and Becca that he was in love with them. When it was time for the final rose ceremony, Arie ended up saying goodbye to Lauren and went on to propose to Becca. Becca accepted and thought she was on her way to living her “happily ever after.” However, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Sometime after the finale episode was filmed, Arie and Becca were set to meet up for a secret rendezvous in Los Angeles. What should have been a romantic weekend for the newly engaged couple, turned in to a nightmare for Becca.

When Becca first met up Arie at the beginning of the weekend, she could tell something was wrong. That is when Arie sat her down to tell her that he made a mistake and couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren. He said he and been thinking about Lauren the whole time he was with Becca and that he had to follow his heart to see if the possibility of love was still there with Lauren. This entire conversation and its aftermath were filmed by ABC in what was billed as “the first completely unedited scene in reality TV history.”

As you can imagine, this ending left pretty much everyone upset. Most were mad at Arie for proposing in the first place when he knew he wasn’t completely sure what he wanted and then ultimately changing his mind. Several were also upset that the producers of the “Bachelor” decided to film the heart-wrenching scene and air it for the world to see.

As mentioned, it definitely lived up to the hype and proved to be a dramatic ending. And, yes, probably the most dramatic in “Bachelor” history. It was hard to watch Becca and my heart was hurting for her. Arie did handle the situation wrong and at the very least shouldn’t have had the cameras there. However, I do think that Arie should follow his heart. In the nature of the show, where quick life-long decisions are being made, something awful like this can happen. This also isn’t the first time a Bachelor changed his mind. Several years ago, Jason Mesnick was the Bachelor and did the same thing. (Although he did go about it differently.)

The second part of the two part finale is to air tonight. Arie, Becca, and Lauren are all expected to be in the same room for the live show. Make sure to tune in to see all the drama. And, who knows, maybe the next “Bachelorette” will be announced. I think Becca is the top of everyone’s list for that title!

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