Parenting Expert Claims to Have Come Up with Concept for “Inside Out” and Sues Disney

Inside out Lawsuit

Disney will soon be back in court after a parenting expert claims that Walt Disney and Pixar allegedly stole the the concept for “Inside Out” from a project she pitched to the company repeatedly from 2005 – 2009 dubbed “The Moodsters.”


According to an article in Fortune,  Denise Daniels who has appeared on many TV shows including Oprah and Today argued that she as an “implied-in-fact” contract with Disney and is seeking payment for box office, DVD, Blue-Ray, iTunes and merchandise revenue from the blockbuster film which has grossed more than $850 million worldwide since its Summer 2015 release.

Disney denies the allegations and in a statement published by Fortune said:  “We look forward to vigorously defending against this lawsuit in court,”

The lawsuit is not the first of its kind.  in March, Gary Goldman, a Hollywood screenwriter sued Disney for copying ideas from his work that were incorporated in Zootopia.

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