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  1. 8


    Is there any way to cancel once you booked? After I booked it I figures out I can’t make it that day -duh!

  2. 7


    Its not working for me on the PC or phone, i get to the link but i am not able to register a primary

  3. 6


    I can get the link up but I can’t register.. I’ve tried several times both PC and phone 🙁

  4. 5

    Daniel Martin

    just now used my phone. Worked. PC did not.

  5. 4


    Still waiting =(

  6. 3

    David Rybak

    Web is not working but was able to register immediately on my phone.

  7. 2


    I can access the link, but how do I add a primary and registered guest?

  8. 1

    Anthony B

    I had luck about 15 minutes ago. You pick your day and a 2-hour window. I booked for May 20th from 12:00-2:00.

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