Once Upon a Time at Disneyland Paris- A Tale of Hidden Numbers!

Disneyland Paris News posted an interesting article about hidden mysteries on their set. The mystery is the hidden numbers which pay homage to the invention and the inventors of the Disney Parks!

For example, Walt Disney’s birth year which is “1901” can be found on the front Disney Clothiers, Ltd and on some floor elements on Main Street, USA, along with the first name of Walt’s father, Elias. At Disney Studio 1, above the Hollywood Jewel Box entrance door, “12 05” can be read. “12 05” is Walt Disney’s birthday but written in the American way with the month before the day, meaning Walt Disney’s birthday is the 5th December! Therefore when you walk down Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris that you can find Walt’s entire date of birth, December 5th 1901. Likewise, you can also find this memorable date on a licence plate of the truck parked at Backlot!

The number 92 can be found throughout the park on their sets as it the opening year of Disneyland Paris! On the front of Emporium and Harrington’s Fine China and Porcelains, the Imagineers carefully set the date 100 years in the past to be 1892, which is in keeping with the Victorian atmosphere, which is the running theme of Main Street USA. “14 01 Flower Street”, featured on the front of Walt’s – an American Restaurant, this pays homage to the Walt Disney Imagineering offices, as it is their address in Glendale, California.

Disney’s attention to details within the parks are simply magical, check out the video below for more fun facts!

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Tessa H