On My Way – A Long Awaited Return to the Contemporary Resort

In three short weeks, I will be staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for the first time since 1979. At that time, I visited with my mom and my sister, Linda, and it was a wonderful vacation. We spent most of our time at the pool but I do remember the two of us making a break for Space Mountain as soon as the Magic Kingdom opened. 

I also remember sitting at the Coconino Cove Lounge (now Chef Mickey’s) with my sister having Pina Coladas while I cried over how much I missed my high school sweetheart (she still teases me about this to this day). For this upcoming trip, Linda and her family, as well as our mom, will all be with my family…and did I mention, my high school sweetheart is now my husband? Despite the crying, I have many amazing memories of the Contemporary Resort from when I was a teenager and I am looking forward to creating new memories with my family.

As you would guess, the hotel has changed a lot since my last visit. The thing that hasn’t change is the stupendous staff. Last year, my family took a tour of the rooms with one such staff member. We wanted to see if we were willing to splurge for this year’s trip and, believe me, it is a splurge for us as there are five of us and the expenses can mount up quickly. We really liked the rooms, especially the theme park view rooms, which was the final selling point. I am so glad we decided to book it  because I think the special memories from our trip long ago played a large part in my sister’s family joining us this year. I am truly looking forward to our Magical Gathering!

Aside from getting to be with my family in this iconic resort, there are a few Contemporary-specific treasures I am looking forward to:

  • I must say that what I am looking forward to most is viewing the Magic Kingdom fireworks from my balcony at night…while sipping coffee… in my pajamas. I am a simple kind of girl. I also plan to enhance the experience by turning the tv in the room to channel 20 to hear the Wishes soundtrack play simultaneously with each breathtaking burst.
  • Waking up to the welcoming view of the Magic Kingdom outside the glass is most certainly the second thing to which I am looking forward. I know that each morning I will feel more like I am at Disney World than I have at any other resort where I have stayed.
  • I am also looking forward to being able to walk to the Magic Kingdom. It only takes about ten minutes at the most to get there and I absolutely love the Autumn weather. On the Texas Gulf Coast we have a lot of humidity and I breathe best in the Fall when the humidity is low. It is a sheer joy to be out in the fresh air, especially at Disney World.
  • There are so many fun, free activities available for resort guests and I hope to take advantage of all of them. Upon check-in, each guest is given a Recreation Activities Flyer which lists all the free activities during your stay. Some of these activities include movies by the pool, volleyball games, trivia games, etc. They really know how to keep their guests entertained when not at the parks.
  • Visiting The Wave restaurant for the first time is a dining experience I am very excited about. We will be having a delicious Thanksgiving lunch here. I can’t wait to try it as I have read many great reviews about their regular menu items and that day they are serving all the traditional Thanksgiving fare with turkey and the trimmings.
  • Even though I ride the monorail during every trip, I am looking forward to being able to just ride down the elevator and hop on. We will be riding to Epcot, as well as to the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. Since we have breakfast and dinner reservations at both (thanks to free dining), we will be able to take full advantage of this unique treasure.
  • I love going to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast on our last day. We do this even when we are not staying at the Contemporary so this year will just be more convenient. We haven’t been since they have taken Mickey out of the restaurant and put him in the front for picture taking opportunities, so my personal opinions on that change will be in another article to come.

Each visit to Disney World is a memorable and enjoyable one. This one will have some special nostalgia thrown in and I am very excited about it. For all of you with an upcoming trip planned, I hope you will take the time to really think about all you are looking forward to and I hope, above all, that you will have a memorable and magical trip that you will reminisce about often in the years to come.

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