Oldies But Goodies – When Should Seniors Visit Walt Disney World

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There are lots of wonderful times for everyone including us Oldies to visit Walt Disney World. There are times, however, when we are unable to really choose the best time for ourselves. If you are traveling with a group that includes school age grandchildren the trip windows are limited by school commitments. If you are traveling with a group of adult family members the visit time may be determined by their job commitments, and if you are traveling with a Senior group, the schedule for the trip is likely also out of your hands. The only real time that you can pick and choose is if you travel by yourselves or with a small and very tight group of other Seniors or adult family members.

We, like a lot of Oldies, don’t mind being around people but at some times of year the crowds are absolutely psycho and shoulder to shoulder. We avoid these times and unless you have a specific reason for being there I recommend that you avoid Easter(Spring Break), the 4th of July Holiday period, and the week between Christmas and New Year‘s Day. There are three other periods where the crowds are very heavy but not quite at the levels of the above three. These periods are President’s Week, Memorial Day, and the week after Thanksgiving – very busy!! Mid June through mid August are manageable but the heat and humidity are incredible and unless you are very heat tolerant you might want to pick another time frame. We have lived in Southern Arizona for the last 26 years where we have 100+ degree temperatures at least 100-125 days a year and temperatures of 110 to 115 are not at all uncommon. We do not go to Walt Disney World in the summer because the humidity amplifies the heat. Oldies, if you do go at this time please read up on precautions you need to take and please take those precautions.

We generally visit during October (after the Columbus Day holiday) and November (prior to Thanksgiving) because crowd levels are lower and the weather is magnificent. Park hours may be shorter but because of the lower crowds you can get a lot more touring done in a much shorter time. January traditionally has the lowest crowd levels but we have a very low tolerance for chilly weather so we avoid that time frame. If you can handle the cool weather that is the easiest time to tour but remember that is also a big time for attraction refurbs ( ex. Splash Mountain closes each January). We are now thinking that two visits from now we will likely visit in the spring for the Flower and Garden Festival and give that time of year a shot depending on how Spring Break and Easter fall.

It seems like there are pluses and minuses no matter when you visit. But – Walt Disney World is still the most magical place in the world and with proper planning you can always be assured of a good time. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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