Oldies But Goodies – Should Seniors Take Advantage Of Photopass?

To answer the question posed in the title – Absolutely!! Disney’s Photopass is something we have only really started to appreciate on our last three visits. I personally take tons of photos when we are at Walt Disney World and there is someone missing in each and every one of them – ME. Since we have started using Photopass there are now lots of pictures with me included, a very nice change.

When you travel like we generally do, just the two of us, it is one of the few options you have to preserve the memories of the trip with the photographer in the picture. Sure, you can ask a stranger to take a picture for you and in most cases they will gladly do it but I hate to intrude on other peoples vacations.If you go this route you will generally get them to take one shot and you are grateful for that one.

When you travel with family or friends, someone is always left out of the photos and in many cases it is the same person all the time. This is one of the big reasons I recommend Photopass. I also know that as we get older, we tend to be a little less likely to ask a stranger for a favor and we miss a lot of great photo opportunities.

Photopass photographers are normally positioned in all of the right spots to get the most magical pictures. Many of them also have some tricks up their sleeves (actually they are programmed into the cameras) to give you some fun pictures called “Magic Shots” One caution here, you almost always have to ask if they have the shots available especially if they are very busy. They will also take multiple shots rather than the one you would get if you ask that generous stranger. If they are not swamped, they will gladly take pictures using your camera. This can be beneficial in case one of their pictures shows up missing (happened to me in 2009).

I know the price of $149.95 for the photo CD seems a bit steep but if you pre order it from the Pre-Order Web Site you can get it for $99.95. A word of caution, you must place and pay for the order before your vacation, But, if you decide you don’t want to order the CD your money is 100% refundable. You can also enhance your photos (see the pic above) before you order the CD which vastly increases the number of pictures you get for your money.

The ins and outs of Disney’s Photopass are way too complex to go into here but if you want to check it out before you decide to buy (as we seniors always do) there is a site that is the Definitive Guide To Disney’s Photopass. This site explains Photopass top to bottom and front to back.

I hope you will consider using this service on your next visit so those Walt Disney World memories can be around forever for you, your children, your grand children, etc. etc.  As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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