Oldies But Goodies – How Old Is Too Old For Walt Disney World

Your age in years actually has very little to do with how old you are! Fellow Seniors, some people say you are as old as you feel and that does play a role. I say, you are as old as you act!! In the picture above, my wife and I don’t seem to be acting properly for a couple of seniors – who cares – we were having a good time with Mr. Goofy. When I get to Walt Disney World a bit of a transformation happens, I am no longer a Senior Citizen with a touch of arthritis in my feet and knees but a ten year old with slightly sore lower extremities. It’s time for playing and having fun!!

When people ask about our vacation plans and I say we are headed for Walt Disney World – again, they seem to feel that we are silly. After all, that place is only for kids. The people who say that are generally the ones who have never been to Walt Disney World. Our very first visit to Walt Disney World was in 1990 when my Wife was in her late 30’s and I was 44. We traveled with my Sister then 40, my Aunt then mid 50’s, my Uncle then mid 60’s, and my parents both then 70’s one mid and one late. Everyone in the group had a wonderful week and nobody acted like a fuddy duddy. We rode the rides and generally acted like a bunch of kids on vacation – shocking!! My Dad took his first ride on Space Mountain at the tender age of 78 and my personal goal is to go parasailing at age 80. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I think a lot of us know people who are too old for Walt Disney World. Surprisingly, most of them are in their 40’s to early 50’s and a bit too sophisticated to actually let go and be a kid again. Sophistication has never been one of my strong points and as we all get older I think we all develop a more “live for the moment” attitude and learn how to have fun. That’s what makes Walt Disney World such a wonderful place. A majority of the folks you see are there for the same reason as we Oldies are, to have a good time. No matter how silly or childish you act you will not be subject to criticism, you will most likely earn the respect and smiles of the people who see you enjoying yourself.

On your next visit, take the time to look around and study who is there and how they are acting. I’m betting you will see a lot of us Old Fogies strolling around with great big smiles on our faces just enjoying where we are and who we are with. Join us, have fun, enjoy your surroundings and above all my fellow Seniors – DO NOT ACT YOUR AGE!!!


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  1. I am in total agreement!! A lot of my friends cannot understand why my face light up at the mere mention of Walt Disney World. Our best WDW vacation took place 2 years ago (me @ 59 & DH @ 60) with out 2 grown daughters and their BFs to celebrate DH’s retirement and MY 10 year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor! I talk/read about/look at pictures of WDW EVERY single day. NOTHING makes me happier and makes me feel as young & vibrant and anything Disney. And I cannot WAIT for our next trip back “home”!

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