Olaf’s Frozen Hot Cocoa Cake is Like a Warm Hug to Your Taste Buds

Olaf Dessert Magic Kingdom

When the list of Disney holiday treats came out Olaf’s Frozen Hot Cocoa Cake was at the top of my list.  I mean, just look how cute he is!  Not only is he adorable floating around in buttercream frosting but he is delicious.

So what is inside this delectable dessert?  Don’t be confused by the name there is not much cake but that didn’t take away from the treat.  From bottom to top, there is a small layer of chocolate cake, topped with chocolate panna cotta, marshmallow cream, and orange and purple buttercream frosting.

The lovable Olaf is made of marshmallows and white chocolate with chocolate buttons and arms.  While this treat is definitely picture-worthy it is actually at the top of my list as far as taste goes.  The marshmallow cream is so yummy with the little bit of chocolate cake and panna cotta.  The buttercream frosting and white chocolate were a little sweet for my taste but still very good.

This treat can be found at Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery (or Starbucks) which means you may have to wait in a long line for it.  At least you can get some Starbucks points for it!  I would say it is worth waiting (or melting) for.  The cost is $6.99 or a snack credit.  Are you excited for the upcoming release of Frozen 2?

Julie de la Fé


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