Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys Come To Disney Springs

Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys

Everybody scream, the Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys are now available at Disney Springs! These frightfully cute bags are in honor of the classic film’s 25th anniversary. You can stop by Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories in Disney Springs to pick up one of these stylish treats.

There were several limited edition styles launched for the Disney Parks release, however it looks like they are selling out quick, and just a few silhouettes are left.

The Mayor of Halloween Town brings out the smiles and screams with this double sided crossbody bag. One side features the cheerful Mayor who loves to celebrate Halloween, while the other side features the Mayor when he’s feeling distressed. The bag is made complete with a gorgeous key fob featuring his Mayor ribbon.

Well, well, well, what have we here, what have we here? An Oogie Boogie handbag huh? Oogie is featured exactly as he should be, as a Harvey’s Park Hopper, this versatile bag can be worn a varied amount of ways, and even comes with a key fob featuring his signature dice!

Last but not least we have the third bag that is currently available at Ever After. The Lock, Shock, and Barrel bag! The outside features grinning pumpkin faces, while the inside is lined with a print featuring the devious trio. The triple threat is also featured as key fob masks, with the infamous walking bathtub.

Each bag is lined in the spooktacular Lock, Shock, and Barrel repeating pattern design. Frightfully fabulous, am I right?

You can find these gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys at Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories in Disney Springs while supplies last!

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