Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack From Loungefly

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Or maybe something CUTE, like the new Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack from Loungefly. This adorable new mini backpack is just in time for the Halloween season at the Disney Parks, and features all of our favorite friends from the beloved film. If it looks a little familiar it’s because these are the same cute chibi Nightmare Before Christmas graphics we’ve seen before. However the design has been given an update, and you can really see the characters more clearly now.

The new backpack features Jack’s iconic pinstripe suit as the background. Sprinkled across the pinstriping is chibi versions of the citizens from Halloween Town. This is a mini backpack style that has a front zip compartment, 2 side slide pockets, and one large main compartment.

The front pocket doesn’t stick out on this bag to create a very sleek silhouette. The black straps are adjustable to fit everyone from kids to adults! We found the hauntingly cute new bag at Mouse Gear, and it retails for $75.00. Lots of cute Nightmare Before Christmas finds from the past are also on display, which is totally getting us ready for Halloween!

What do you think of the new Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack style for this year?

Special thanks to our sensational friend Susan for the great pictures!

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