New Wookiee Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


There has been an awakening in the Force…and our appetites…because a new Star Wars inspired treat has appeared! The Wookiee Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich is a new treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the new Star Wars movie, then you should consider this delightful cookie sandwich!

The brand new dessert consist of two oatmeal cookies with marshmallow fluff in the middle and a chocolate piece on top. The chocolate piece is designed as Chewbacca’s signature bandolier. This new treat is fit for any Wookiee-sized appetite! The choice of oatmeal cookies is fitting for being a Wookiee themed dessert. The pairing of oatmeal cookies and marshmallow fluff is a great combination. The cookies are chewy (no pun intended for Chewbacca) and packed with nutty flavor. The marshmallow fluff is also nice because it’s sweet and adds a nice cream layer to enjoy when you savor each cookie bite. However, the chocolate piece is mostly for decoration since it’s a thin chocolate topping piece.

You can find this Wookiee treat at the Backlot Express inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s currently available for sale at $5.99 plus tax. You can grab this new treat after riding Star Tours, which now offers new planets and scenes featured in “The Rise of Skywalker.”

May The Force — and your appetite — Be With You!



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Kevin Koszola