New Picnic Punch now available at Starbucks in Disney Springs

Starbucks Picnic Punch

If there’s one thing Starbucks knows how to do, it’s creating beautiful and tasty new drinks that everybody has to try (and Instagram!). Well, they’ve done it again! On our last trip to Disney Springs, we were lucky enough to try the colorful new Picnic Punch.

Picnic Punch starts off as a pineapple matcha drink and is topped with strawberry sweet cream cold foam. Wow, it’s pretty! It reminded us of a reversal of last year’s Millenial Falcon drink (a pink drink topped with matcha foam) and had that same level of refreshment. The initial flavor hit is strong with strawberry, which is sweet and fruity, then as the drink mixes, the tea flavor comes up more. The best part is definitely the cold foam where the taste of strawberry purée is clearest. But the whole beverage is refreshing and on the delicate side of Starbucks flavors.

It costs $7.40 before tax, so hopefully, you’ve been saving up some of those rewards from your morning fix. Whether you like coffee or not, this one is a great choice because it’s cool and light. However, if you really hate matcha or tea, steer clear. The matcha flavor gets strong towards the end.

Picnic Punch is now being mixed up at Starbucks in Disney Springs. Try it while the summer flavors last!

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Allison Luna
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