New Parental Controls Coming to Disney+

Parental controls

There are new parental controls coming to Disney+ tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 23 and will be in effect globally! These new controls will help to keep the streaming service family-friendly with appropriate age ratings for all content.

Here’s a sneak peek at will the age ratings will look like:

Photo credit: What’s on Disney Plus.

Parents will be able to set limits on content ratings (as shown above – restricting anything above 16+) on specific profiles. In addition, parents can add a pin to lock profiles that have access to more mature content so that children cannot easily switch accounts.

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 23), parents will be able to adjust these new controls by going into the Disney+ profiles section.

What do you think of these new parental controls coming to Disney+? Let us know in the comments!

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Source & photo credit: What’s on Disney Plus.

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