New Nightmare Before Christmas Ears Now At Disneyland

Just in time for the Halloween season at Disneyland, is two new pairs of Nightmare Before Christmas Ears! Inspired by Sally, and Jack & Oogie, these hauntingly fabulous ears are ready to add a spooky dash of haunted style to your Disney outfits.

Last year we fell in love with the Sally Minnie Ears, and it looks like there is a gorgeous new updated pair this year! Sally’s patchwork dress adorns the ears and headband of this pair. The ears are then topped off by a sequined pale blue bow, with stitches like her skin.

The second pair of Nightmare Before Christmas ears are very unique, and capture the haunting style of Tim Burton’s iconic film. These ears are a black faux leather, that have white silhouettes of Jack, and Oogie on the front, with Zero on the back. They have a minimalist design that really lets the characters stand out in a bold contrast.

Both of these new Nightmare Before Christmas Ears are available now at the Disneyland Resort! There will also be a pair of Oogie Boogie Minnie Ears debuting for Disneyland’s new Oogie Boogie Bash. The fright-tastic Oogie Boogie ears will be a party exclusive.

Which of these new hauntingly fun ears are your favorite?

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