New Limited Edition Vanellope’s Ice Cream Sundae

New Limited Edition Vanellope's Ice Cream Sundae

Who’s up for a challenge? Sugar rush anyone? Should you choose to accept it, guests visiting Magic Kingdom can find this monstrous mouthwatering treat on Main Street U.S.A. Ralph and Vanellope have created the perfect new limited-edition ice cream sundae to enjoy on a warm day at Disney.

New Limited Edition Vanellope's Ice Cream Sundae

Located at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, scoop up the new limited-edition Vanellope’s Ice Cream Sundae for $24.99 before it’s gone. The massive sundae includes five scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream, fruity cereal, chocolate candy, hot fudge, and cherries. Similar to the Kitchen Sink found at Beaches & Cream at Disney’s Boardwalk, you’re going to need some friends to tackle this tasty treat as well.

New Limited Edition Vanellope's Ice Cream Sundae


Grab some spoons and dig in!  Pit stop number one, the ice-cream. Choose up to 5 flavors that the Parlor has to offer (chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and cookies ‘n cream). No sugar added options are available too. Next up, add in the fruity pebble cereal, mini m&m’s, and huge chunks of chocolate. Before crossing the finish line, load up on the hot fudge, mountains of whipped cream, and cherries. To top it off for the perfect finish, a white chocolate treat of none other than Vanellope von Schweetz’s BFF Wreck-it Ralph. It’s almost too delicious to share!



No challenge is complete without a prize. Lucky for you, Ralph’s Family Challenge is served in a championship souvenir plastic trophy. Perfect for you to bring home and recreate once your vacation is over. Or maybe on a shelf to remind you of how great your vacation was.

New Limited Edition Vanellope's Ice Cream Sundae

Sure, it’s the new year and you’ve set some personal goals, but I’m convinced that calories on vacation don’t count. Especially calories consumed at Walt Disney World. Plus, with all the walking around Walt Disney World that you’re doing, you’ve earned this amazing treat. So, what do you think? Can your family handle Ralph’s Family Challenge? Good luck!!

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