New Limited Edition Star Wars MagicBands for The Last Jedi

Star Wars MagicBands

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is officially here, and so is lots of unique new limited edition merchandise! One Chip and Co fan, John shared with us one of the new Limited Edition Star Wars MagicBands inspired by the Last Jedi.

This new MagicBand is on the beautiful new base color of white, and is a collision of the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force. A burst of blue pops into the picture behind Rey who wields a blue lightsaber, while the other side has red seeping in, and Kylo Ren looking menacingly over his shoulder. This band has a limited edition run of just 4000. There is also a Praetorian Guard MagicBand available too!

Do you like the Light Side versus Dark Side look of these new Star Wars MagicBands?

Special Thanks to John Morris for the share! 

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