New Lavender Minnie Ears Have Serious Galactic Purple Wall Vibes

The Purple Wall is always calling my name, and now so are these new Lavender Minnie Ears! These gorgeous new purple ears showed up at the Disney Parks today, and they are full of sparkle! They instantly reminded me of the Purple Wall too.

These are the super glittery style of ears, which have the kind of unfinished edges. They are a synthetic type of leather, that has a lurex like feel to them. These are also not very puffy, and have a thinner ear shape to them, which makes them a bit more lightweight. Plus they are the same beautiful lavender color that we can find within the geometric design of the Galactic Purple Wall.

The bow and headband for these new ears are actually metallic! The shiny metallic actually accents the chunky glitter of the ears really well. It also keeps that futuristic Tomorrowland like vibe going. You can find these all throughout the Walt Disney World Parks right now, and even Disney Springs. They are the typical $29.99 price tag that most regular edition Minnie Ears go for.


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Do these new Lavender Minnie Ears remind you of the Galactic Purple Wall too?

Special thanks to our friend Paul for this galactic find!

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