New Jungle Cruise Wishables Floating In For Wishables Wednesday

Set sail with the best river cruise in the world! New Jungle Cruise Wishables will be making their debut for Wisahble Wednesday, on August 5th. This collection includes five different styles, all worthy of taking us on a cute journey down the world’s most iconic rivers.

Styles included in the new Jungle Cruise collection include a Skipper, a Cruise Boat, Hippo, Tiger, and also a campsite raiding Gorilla! Four of these will most likely come in the mystery blind bags, with one also being an open edition for purchase separately. I’m guessing it will either be the boat or skipper available outside of the blind bags. Sometimes we do see varients of the offered styles. That means some of the blind bag options might come in different colors. However, we won’t know until they are officially released on shopDisney tomorrow.

The Jungle Cruise Wishables will debut on shopDisney tomorrow, and retail for $9.99 apiece.

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