New Figment Shoulder Plush Pal at Epcot


Imagination, imagination.
A dream, can be, a dream come true.
With just that spark, from me and you.

If you’ve ever visited Epcot, then it’s likely you’ve heard this catchy tune at Journey into Imagination. The popular attraction has made Figment into what many Disney Parks deem the unofficial mascot of Epcot. Well, now Figment fans have a new way of showing off their love for the imaginative dragon! Epcot now has Figment Shoulder Plush Pals for people to wear!

The Plush Pal is adorable for Figment fans!

Do you wonder how the plush stays on your shoulder? Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to fasten Figment onto your shoulder without him slipping away! The Plush Pal comes with a felt-covered magnet for you to place under your shirt to hold him down.

The plush should be able to sit on your shoulder like so once it’s adjusted.

You’ll find the Figment Magnetic Shoulder Plush Pal at Mouse Gears when you visit Epcot. It’s price is $19.99 for the plush.

We enjoy these Plush Pals since it’s similar to the Baby Groot and Star Wars Porgs we’ve seen in recent years. However, you might feel like singing “One Little Spark” when you’re carrying Figment on your shoulder!




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Kevin Koszola