We’re Quackers For The New Donald Duck Harveys Collection

Donald Duck Harveys Collection

Oh boy, our favorite feathered friend from the Fab Five is getting his own Harvey’s collection! The new Donald Duck Harveys Collection will be flying into town on July 6th at 8:00 AM PST! This collection will be sold online only at shopharveys.com. They will however be allowing for socially-distanced curbside pick-ups at their flagship store.

Donald Duck Harveys Collection

I am absolutely obsessed with Donald Duck, I honestly have Donald everything and he is one of my all-time favorite characters to DisneyBound. The first sneak peek revealed a print that features a very angry duck, which is honestly exactly how we love our feathered friend. There will be more prints, designs, and silhouettes to come, so be sure to follow along on Harvey’s Instagram as the release draws closer! I really hope we have something with Donald’s booty, I love the headband with his tail feathers!

Dana and Melanie Harvey will also be hosting a VHP (Virtual House Party) live on Sunday, July 5th at 5:00 PM PST to preview the new collection! I always love their lives on Instagram and Facebook, and I really suggest checking it out. They always have so much fun and tell you all the great stories behind the design of each piece.

Harvey’s collections do sell out quickly though, so be ready on time if you don’t want to be saying “aw phooey!”

What do you think of the new Donald Duck Harveys Collection?

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