New Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD Review Now Available!

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD

Doc McStuffins was an instant favorite in our house the moment the previews started arriving. I remember watching the first episode with my son as we squealed with delight. Being such a popular favorite in our home, we were delighted when we had the chance to review the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD!

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Doc McStuffins is a popular Disney Junior show that is now in it’s fourth season. We’ve experienced Doc’s backyard clinic, her on the go mobile clinic, toy vet clinic, and now she’s inherited her very own Toy Hospital! There’s been hints that Grandma McStuffins is aware of Doc’s ability to talk with her toys for a bit now. I even got a little teary eyed when I realized oh, grandma knows! Much the same was as I did when we realized Aunt Tilly knew about Sofia’s amulet.

This DVD features the special that introduces Doc, and us to the McStuffinsville, and the amazing Toy Hospital! The DVD also features the heartwarming Adoption story arc.

Synopsis: Join Doc as she expands her practice from the backyard clinic to the magical new world of McStuffinsville, where she will carry on a family tradition by becoming Chief Resident of McStuffins Toy Hospital. After Grandma McStuffins shares the news that she too has the ability to bring toys to life, she transports Doc and her friends to McStuffinsville, a magical world made up entirely of toys. There, Doc appoints Lambie in charge of the toy nursery, Stuffy on vet duty, Chilly as receptionist and Hallie as head nurse.

We really enjoyed this DVD, in fact I think it’s probably our favorite collection yet. I thought the Pet Vet series was going to be hard to beat, but this one has for sure surpassed. This season is full of touching tales, heartfelt lessons, new toys, and a bit of growing up with the audience. The show features amazing content for helping preschooler and toddler aged children with transitions we face day to day. Doc Transitioning from her backyard clinic to her own toy hospital, is much like the transition our little ones face when going from preschool to kindergarten. Doc proves time and time again that you can never give up, and if you put your mind to something, you can do it!


Of course there is also the bonus item that traditionally comes with Disney Junior new releases too! The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD has one of my favorite freebies, seconded by the Sofia color changing butterfly necklace! The “Toysponder” is a replica of the gadget Grandma McStuffins gives Doc, to teleport her to McStuffinsville! It’s truly a nice bonus, it looks great, and the quality of the wrist band is quite nice. It’s a sturdy rubber, that feels similar to the colorful rubber cause bracelets. My little one hasn’t taken it off, and has watched the DVD 5 times since it came in the mail on Friday!


If your little one loves Doc McStuffins, you have to check out the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital DVD!


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