New Disneyland Passholder Shirt Inspired by Disney Attractions

New Disneyland Passholder Shirt

There’s a new Disneyland Passholder Shirt out, that’s got a clever font twist. These soft distressed style tees have a vintage feeling to them, and clever little Easter eggs hidden in the word “Passholder”.

Each letter that spells out passholder, is taken from the writing of a popular attraction from Disneyland and California Adventure. I do wish that the letter used was taken from an attraction that started with the coordinating letter, but it’s still fun. The “D” used is the traditional Disneyland “D”. However the “A” is taken from the A in Carsland, and same with a few other attractions. It also comes in a ladies cut, and a unisex cut.

These are a Disney Parks exclusive tee that can be found at Elias & Co., Disneyana or World of Disney! What do you think of the new Disneyland Passholder Shirt?

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