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    Maryl Whitford Rusch

    Sounds like a great experience. I would pay to do it once.

  2. 4

    Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    Not at that rate. Staying at the hotel is what you gains you this right. As an avid stayer of onsite properties; I look forward to these extra “hotel guest” only times with short lines. I am apposed to others being able to buy there way in.

  3. 3


    Sorry, not worth that much money. Would rather spend the $149 on food and souvenirs!

  4. 2


    I read somewhere else this is on non EMH days, so EMH will continue as usual. And this is only on select dates in April and May, on Thursdays 3 times in April and 3 times on Thursdays also with one Saturday. And this is for anybody, I guess non resort guests as well as resort guests if they want to pay the extra money, but that would be dumb as sometimes EMH are open as late as 2 am, which is how long this Disney After hours lasts to.

  5. 1

    Christina Struck

    So… does that mean Extra Magic Hours benefit is now gone? Or is this for people who are not staying on property?

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