New Details Released for Disney’s New Riviera Resort

New Details Released for Disney's Riviera Resort

Disney guests are starting to become excited as more information about the new Riviera Resort that will be opening this December at Walt Disney World!  The new resort will be filled with history and charm of the European Riviera, which was a vacation spot for Walt and Lillian Disney.

The Disney Imagineers took the time to create a space that celebrates “the elegance of a modern European retreat” as the overall design is inspired by the elegant, early 20th century hotels along the Mediterranean coast.

New Details Released for Disney's Riviera Resort

The new Riviera Resort will have articulated stone bases and smooth stucco facades that are accented with decorative metalwork, colorful awnings, and Italian style arches.  At the heart of the resort is the center building or tower, that will also provide expressive roofs and ornamental details.

Each wing of the resort that is adjacent to the tower will grow in height, from eight to ten stories providing beautiful views of the resort.  The growing heights allow the resort to have a layered story inspired by the buildings and architecture in Europe that also evolved over time.  In addition, each wing will have an exterior style of its own that also represents the regional resorts throughout the century.

New Details Released for Disney's Riviera Resort

Lastly, the window styles of each wing will also vary in size, shape, and design to incorporate the architectural details of the history in Europe.  Of course, the resort will also feature a variety of decorative railings with motifs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

New Details Released for Disney's Riviera Resort


While guests are at the resort, they can also make reservations at the new rooftop restaurant, Topolino’s Terrace-Flavors of the Riviera before taking a ride on the new gondola system, The Disney Skyliner, which opens this fall.

Bookings for the new Riviera Resort have already opened.  Will you be staying at this new resort?

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