New Birthday Cake Popcorn to Celebrate Mickey Mouse

New Birthday Cake Popcorn to Celebrate Mickey Mouse

Yum! Popcorn at Walt Disney World is a favorite snack for many guests. From the coveted themed popcorn buckets to the candy-coated options in a package, popcorn is a perfect on the go snack. There is a new popcorn treat at Magic Kingdom Park to commemorate the 90th-anniversary party this year, Mickey and Minnies Surprise Celebration. Main Street Popcorn Company has just released Birthday Cake Popcorn. Spotted in the shops on Main Street U.S.A. this crunchy confection is sure to wow your taste buds.

The crunchy outer coating surrounds the popcorn packing in a sweet and familiar birthday cake flavor. The golden color is somewhat reminiscent of caramel corn, but this one comes decorated. Speckles of color on this cake flavored popcorn give it a festive look and remind us that this year is a celebration for the mice who started it all, Mickey and Minnie. The bags are sharing size making for the perfect pre-parade sweet snack. You can pick up a bag for $5.99.

While Birthday Cake Popcorn is a new option there are several different popcorn choices to choose from. The new popcorn is a must try treat and a tasty way to help celebrate Mickey and Minnie! The popcorn comes sealed in a package and is tied with a ribbon making this treat a perfect take-home gift or surprise for your next movie night. The birthday celebration started in 2018 to commemorate the release of the Steamboat Willie in 1928. The event runs through much of 2019 with food, events, and fun.

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