New BB-8 And R2-D2 Headbands From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

These ARE the Droids you are looking for! Debuting at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are the new BB-8 And R2-D2 Headbands! These fun headbands light-up, and feature the likenesses of two of our favorite Star Wars Droids, they even make noises too!


These Droid inspired headbands feature the heads of BB-8 and R2-D2. The Droids are nestled atop black velour headbands, so that they are as comfy as they are cute! These are the perfect accessory for a Star Wars outfit, especially if you’re DisneyBounding as Artoo or Beebee.

Oh yea, did I mention they light up? Well they doooooo!! In addition to lighting up, these fun Star Wars inspired headbands also make the iconic beeps and bloops of our favorite Droids. Just give them a shake to hear them bleep.

BB-8 And R2-D2 Headbands

R2-D2 lights up blue, while BB-8 has a red light. Both Droids are incredibly details, right down to knobs, vents, and panel lines. You’ll find both of these fine droid headbands at the Droid Depot when you visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, for the retail price of $29.99.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a statement making headband inspired by Star Wars, and these new BB-8 And R2-D2 Headbands definitely do not disappoint! Will you be grabbing one of these Droid headbands when you visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Thank you to the disneylandmermaid for letting us use this beautiful lead image!

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