My Fab Five Epcot Attractions

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Here we go with my Fab Five attractions at Epcot. Once again I’ll do them in reverse order so we get to the most favorite last. Down the road a bit I’ll explore Fab Fives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Some of the Epcot favorites are not exactly attractions in the truest sense of the word but are terrific anyway.

5. Mission SpaceThis is an amazing attraction and probably would have been much closer to the top of my list except for one major issue – Motion Sickness. I would love to ride the “Orange” version every time but I only have the courage to put up with the dizziness and queasy stomach every once in a while so the “Green” version has become the choice. It’s not as intense as Orange but the basics are still there and there is no motion sickness problem. A truly great attraction!!!

4. Epcot Character Spot – How can you top having your picture taken with all of the Biggies in one place in a matter of 30-40 minutes. I mean there is Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip (that’s for you boss) and Dale, Donald, and Goofy all in one place. All of the photos are placed on your Photopass card or if you choose not to use Photopass they will use your camera. I highly recommend you take advantage of this “attraction”.

3. Test TrackAnother outstanding attraction from start to finish. It’s also quite educational in that you learn a lot about the actual types of tests that automobiles go through on their way to consumer availability. The queue is loaded with all sorts of equipment and displays of some of the static tests and when you finally get to your test vehicle the fun really starts. All of the tests are a real hoot but the standout has to be the high speed run (60 mph+) at the end of the ride. Don’t forget, as you exit you can put the ride picture they take of you on your Photopass card for free – that’s right, no charge!!

2. IlluminationsAbsolutely the best fireworks show at Walt Disney World. The sheer size of the display and the compelling music make this an attraction that we always see at leas twice during our visits. Pick a viewing spot in the World Showcase (I suggest the Italy area) for an almost crowdless experience rather than fighting with all of the other folks who stand near the World Showcase to avoid the crowd that they have become. You may wonder what could top that – I definitely saved the best for last.

1. Strolling Through World Showcase After Illuminations – This is wonderful particularly if you are with those or the one you love. After Illuminations just stroll slowly through World Showcase in whichever direction you choose as you head for your transportation. We always see the show twice so we can stroll in both directions on each visit. It’s an experience you will never forget. Let everyone fight to get the first bus and be content yourself to catch a later (and much less crowded) bus. It is absolutely worth doing – Trust me!!!!

Those are my Epcot Fab Five – we really love Epcot and spend a lot of time there on each visit. I really hope you will get a chance to give #1 a try. By the way , if you are still strolling about 30 minutes after Illuminations you may get lucky and see them burn off the excess propane from the globe! WOW!! The timing is a little inconsistent so you may or may not get to see it. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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7 thoughts on “My Fab Five Epcot Attractions

  1. I love Illuminations and have to agree about walking through the Showcase while post fireworks music plays.

    But i have to say, no mention of Soarin??? That’s criminal.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rosemary. You sound like you have a lot of Walt Disney World experience and based on that I’m sure you know that if you ask 10 people what their favorite attraction at WDW is you will get at least 12 different answers. My top 5 are exactly that, my top 5. I don’t expect everyone or even anyone to agree with me on my choices. I now that Soarin’ is hugely popular based on the mad rush in that direction at rope drop and I totally respect that. I agree that Soarin’ is an amazing attraction and I do ride it occasionally. Thanks again for your comment and just wait to see what I leave out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Best wishes!!

  3. I agree that Soarin’, though not quite up to Disney standards on the editing, the ride itself is the coolest things I have ever done & would pass up most of the other things you count in your top 5 for another ride on Soarin’!

  4. Thanks Adam, the reason I didn’t include Soarin’ (I always try to have a reason) is that even though the attraction is mechanically amazing and the photography is beautiful, the film editing is not up to Disney standards. The scenes just click from one to the next with no attempt at fade or other transition and it is a bit of a shock to the brain when that happens. There are many subtle ways to transition from scene to scene and they didn’t seem to be used here. That’s probably very picky but it’s one of those things that could have been avoided and wasn’t. Other than that though, the attraction is wonderful. Thanks for the comment.

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