Movie & DVD Review – Adventures in Babysitting

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Tonight’s premiere of “Adventures in Babysitting” marks a huge milestone in Disney Channel history: the airing of their 100th original movie. In the film, “Girl Meets World” star Sabrina Carpenter plays preppy and responsible Jenny Parker, who is competing for the same photography internship as rough-around-the-edges Lola Perez, played by “Descendants“‘s Sofia Carson. The two girls accidentally switch phones, in which Lola takes advantage of a babysitting opportunity that was meant to be offered to Jenny. Lola’s babysitting mishaps result in Jenny trying to get them and the children they are responsible for all out of trouble during one crazy night in the city.

I’m a fan of the 1986 “Adventures in Babysitting” which this movie was inspired by, so I was curious to see what this modern-day re-telling would be like. They are similar in that the children are trying to avoid dangerous and crazy situations in the city, and are trying to get home before their parents find out they’re gone. The new film is different in its main focus being on two babysitters who are trying to work together despite being so different, and often times butting heads.

I actually enjoyed that it was different from the original, in my opinion if they were too similar there wouldn’t be a need to make another. This film had enough of the same tone and feel as the original to make it nostalgic, but it still felt fresh, new, and like a seperate story to be told. The whole movie actually felt very reminiscent of the Disney Channel Original movies I love most, of the 1990’s. It had, in my opinion, the same feel of older original movies such as “Halloweentown”, “Zenon”, and “Quints.”

Since it did seem more like a 1990’s Disney Channel Original movie, I think adults who grew up with those movies or enjoyed the original “Adventures in Babysitting” will like watching this film for nostalgia. The movie seems like the perfect family film, since it will speak to audiences familiar with 80’s and 90’s culture, but because of its modern Disney stars and modern takes on plot points it will definitely appeal to kids as well.

The film is light-hearted and goofy pure fun, but has a good story behind it that will speak to both younger kids and teens.

Adventures in Babysitting” will come to DVD June 28th. If you’re kids enjoy films like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, or “American Girl” movies, I think this movie would be one they would like to watch over and over again at home. The DVD is also perfect for kids since it has “Adventures in Outtakes” bloopers. They were very slapstick, and I think young audiences will also really enjoy seeing stars like Carson and Carpenter in this funny, behind-the-scenes setting.

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