More of Pixar’s Alien Remix Funko Pops on the way!

The clawwww!

It’s hard to believe that Pixar’s Toy Story celebrates its 25th anniversary this November. We’ve seen many fantastic Pixar films with iconic characters since then. To honor the special anniversary, Pixar is launching an Alien Remix collection featuring the lovable three-eyed aliens from Toy Story. That’s why the Funko toy company is releasing a series of Alien Remix Pop figures for Disney-Pixar fans.

These Funko Pops honor the history of Pixar Animation. The Alien Remix collection launched this month, too. Some of them are out in stores now, but another wave of Pixar’s Alien Remix Funko Pops on the way! You will find the Aliens dressed up as Sulley, Wall-E, Dory, Joy, The Incredibles, Buzz Lightyear, and more.

The first batch of Alien Remix Pops brought an ensemble of classic Pixar characters. But more are coming to highlight fan-favorite characters.

The second wave of Alien Remix gives us eight additional Pixar characters.

  • Sulley, Roz, and Randall from Monsters Inc.
  • Joy of Inside Out.
  • Mater of the Pixar Cars franchise.
  • Elastigirl from The Incredibles.
  • WALL-E and EVE

The Alien Remix Funko collection is totally adorable and we can’t wait to get it! What character are you looking forward to get?

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Kevin Koszola