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    Terrible customer service to just spring that upon guests. I would have a panic attack if I got stuck in a skyliner for 20+ minutes, as is common. I’d be fuming because transportation is one major convenience of staying on-site, and I wasn’t notified at time of booking. 😡

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    Thankful to live close enough to drive ourselves.
    Have many reasons to never step aboard a skyliner.

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    Really annoying if the skylinner brakes down, and have a fobia of heights!!!!

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    If your clausetophic you we ont use the skyliner

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    Elizabeth Williams Parsons

    All the more reason to never go back! I took 6 of my grandchildren for 2 weeks a few years ago, stayed at a “Disney Property” and spent the majority of our time outside the hotel waiting for busses, except for the time we waited outside for 2 hours for a fire alarm…we finally went back in after they never announced that it was a false alarm!
    Just spent 10 days over Christmas with 14 kids and grandkids…California has everything we’ll ever need!

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    We built these dam skyliners , so you’re going to use them and like them! Got it !

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