Minnie Mouse’s Day Out with Daisy Duck at Tokyo Disneyland!

Tokyo Disneyland paid homage to the beautiful Minnie Mouse this week with a wonderful photoshoot! Minnie seems so fashionable in this photoshoot as she poses around Toy Town. Whilst exploring and dreaming of Mickey Mouse, Minnie’s best friend Daisy Duck makes an appearance by the Jolly Trolley Stop!

Together the two best friends go on a walk around Toy Town, Tokyo Disneyland.

Together they explore the park!

After walking they catch up together on the Jolly Trolley for a gossip!

And stop for a cheeky selfie!

This truly seems like a magical day, just two besties hanging out! I hope you had fun joining in their adventure!


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Tessa H

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  1. Has anyone ever done an Asian theme park tour in one trip? We talk about going but want to see Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Is this possible? I would need to budget for it, but send me more info or ideas. Have vacations booked up this year and next year. Possibly open holidays in December 2020.

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