Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey And Donald Have A Farm DVD Review


The latest addition to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD collection was released on December 11. Featuring five classic episodes, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey And Donald Have A Farm was an instant hit with my little ones. In fact, it was played over and over again.

The five classic episodes include:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have A Farm  – Mickey’s surprise for the Clubhouse is a trip to the farm! But where are all the animals? To keep the bugs away from his prize petunias, Farmer Pete has been using his powerful windmill, but the windmill created such a strong wind that it blew all the farm animals away!
  • Goofy’s Petting Zoo  – 19 animals (eight cows, ten pigs, and one elephant) from the petting zoo escape while Zookeeper for the day, Goofy takes a nap.
  • Clarabelle’s Clubhouse Mooo-sical – Clarabelle stages a musical about nursery rhymes starring chickens from the petting zoo.
  • Goofy The Homemaker – Goofy plans to build a birdhouse for Baby Red Bird and Mommy Red Bird beside the Clubhouse.
  • Donald Hatches An Egg  – Donald cares for a lost egg while his friends search for its family.

The dvd includes a small planting activity kit, making Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have A Farm a wonderful way to get your children excited and engaged with gardening. The activity kit includes a package of seeds (we got lettuce), character garden markers, and fun facts.

I was tickled to see Goofy’s Petting Zoo because it is has been a favorite since my eldest was young and enjoyed the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The ”Shake, Shake, Shake Your Peanut” song will forever remind me of when he was little.

Don’t waste another minute! Dust off those cowboy boots and prepare to lend a helping hand in this farm-tastic barnyard adventure!




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